Today, Microsoft officially put out the welcome mat for open source distributed version control, announcing that Microsoft Team Foundation Service now supports hosting of Git repositories. Brian Harry, Product Unit Manager of Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) team, who made the announcement at the ALM Summit, pegs the Git support as a complementary option in TFS, giving developers the choice of using the widely used Git distributed version control system (DVCS) or TFS’s centralized version control.

With the new Git support, developers can use the web-based source control provided by Team Foundation Service to browse a Git repo. A TFS-hosted Git repository can be accessed from any Git client, such as XCode.


Visual Studio Tools for Git: Viewing Git repos via the Connect page in Team Explorer

The Git implementation is based on the LibGit2 linkable library available on GitHub and includes git2 and libgit2sharp, integrated via a Visual Studio Extension (VSIX), as noted by Scott Hanselman in his blog post on the Git announcement. Harry said that eventually Git will be fully integrated into Visual Studio Team Explorer.

To start using the new Git support, you’ll need to be running Visual Studio 2012, the Visual Studio Update 2 CTP 2, and Visual Studio Tools for Git.