DiscountASP.NET, a provider of application and website hosting solutions for Microsoft developers, is now offering managed Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 hosting in Europe — in addition to providing US-based managed TFS 2012 hosting, which DiscountASP.NET launched last year. With managed TFS 2012 hosting, customers get a premium service with their own instance of Team Foundation Server provided on a dedicated VM that isn’t shared with another customer.

DiscountASP.NET provides two options for managed TFS 2012 hosting. The Basic service provides source control and work item tracking; the managed TFS Full hosting option includes the basic service plus SharePoint and Reporting. As another benefit of the managed TFS 2012 hosting service, customers can request server-side customization, such as third-party software installations that are not possible with a shared TFS solution. As an additional benefit, DiscountASP.NET provides TFS hosting customers free TFS Proxy servers, currently located in five global locations.

“With this premium hosting service, development teams can enjoy all the benefits of TFS 2012 without having to manage infrastructure,” said Takeshi Eto, VP marketing and business development at DiscountASP.NET. For more information, see DiscountASP.NET’s Managed TFS Hosting page.