Recent news about Apple’s continuing lead in the tablet market and smartphone market in Q4 2012 should serve to encourage Microsoft platform developers to branch out into iOS and Android development. Xamarin‘s MonoTouch and Mono for Android development environments make it easier for .NET C# developers to use their existing skills to develop app for these platforms — without having to learn either Objective-C or Java.

There are several books available to help you learn how to work with MonoTouch — but I will be biased here and give a shout-out to one written by an author I worked with in my previous job as an editor for a technology website. It’s Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C# (Wrox), by Wallace B. “Wally” McClure, and is geared toward walking .NET/C# programmers through the process of developing mobile applications for an unfamiliar environment — in this case, Apple’s iOS and applications for the iPhone and iPad.

Wally wrote a number of articles on developing web and mobile applications using HTML5 and coding iOS apps with Xamarin’s MonoTouch for my former employer Dev Pro. Wally’s articles were (and likely still are) among the most popular articles on the Dev Pro website — an indicator that Microsoft platform developers are hungry for information that will boost their mobile development skills and open the door to the vast mobile app world beyond .NET and Windows.

And if you’re interested in developing for Android, check out the companion book, Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET/C#.