Excerpts of a conversation started by this tweet from @DamianEdwards: If you think web development is easy you’re almost certainly doing it completely wrong.‏

@blowdart: @DamianEdwards Make it easier then :p

‏@balupton: @DamianEdwards @reybango don’t confuse complex with hard. Web dev is certainly complex, but it being easy or hard is a lifestyle choice. An Eckhart Tolle-esque reply — rather profound!


@shycohen: Great collection of resources by @elijahmanor “Beginner HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, and CSS3 Resources” – http://www.elijahmanor.com/2013/01/beginner-html5-javascript-jquery.html?spref=tw. An expansive list including blogs, libraries, tools, books, and other resources — mostly free — to help Windows developers get comfortable with working in HTML5 and JavaScript. I also recommend checking out Dev Pro, which provides a comprehensive collection of free articles on HTML5, jQuery, and JavaScript for developers — written by experts such as Dan Wahlin, Wallace B. McClure, Brian Mains, J. Michael Palermo and Daniel Egan.


@elijahmanor: For those overseas or just working late… did you see modern.‌IE’s analysis & testing tools for web devs  http://j.mp/11mh6G6. A handy new set of tools to help developers ensure web app compatibility with older browsers.


‏@JohnDCook (retweeted by @ardalis): “Whenever people begin to ask, ‘Does it fit our rules,’ rather than, ‘Does it serve our mission,’ then you have a bureaucracy.” Matt Perman. So true… and I dare say is the status quo in much of the big-corporate business world.