GrapeCity, a provider of reporting and business intelligence solutions for .NET, announced that the latest version of its ActiveReports Server web-based ad hoc reporting solution includes advanced report scheduling capabilities, support for PostgreSQL databases, and other improvements for running the product using Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft SQL Server.

GrapeCity has upgraded report scheduling and delivery features of ActiveReports Server. For example, IT administrators can now share report schedules by user role, specify additional delivery options such as Windows File Share, and allow users to personalize delivered report emails.

Additional new reporting features allow users to perform these tasks:

  • Enable or disable scheduling of reports for users in specific roles.
  • Control when scheduled reports run during a day, week, or month.
  • Control whether users can configure values for settings such as delivery format, delivery type, email subject text, email body text, and other options depending on delivery type.
  • Allow role-based access to shared schedules.
  • Deploy ad hoc, self-service reporting on PostgreSQL databases.
ActiveReports Server's Report Designer

Working with ActiveReports Server’s Report Designer

The latest release of ActiveReports Server also includes optimized support for installing the evaluation version of ActiveReports Server on a Windows 8 machine with Microsoft IIS 8 and for using Windows Server 2012 in production. ActiveReports Server also adds support for synonym table types in Microsoft SQL Server databases.

You can try a demo version of ActiveReports Server or download a free trial version of the product at