QA Wizard, a provider of software testing tools for Microsoft Windows, web, and Java applications and a business unit of Seapine Software, has launched Defect Scribe, a new software testing product. Defect Scribe, a subscription-based service, is a manual and exploratory software testing tool that can help quality assurance (QA) and software development teams improve efficiency of manual-test sessions and create descriptive bug reports.

The intent of Defect Scribe is to enable testers to focus more on testing an application or website and less on documenting every step they take during testing. Defect Scribe is installed on the user’s desktop and records activity during manual and exploratory testing. The Defect Scribe tool builds a detailed history of the test session, including descriptions of the UI controls used and a screenshot of each step. With this detailed testing record available, when a bug is found, the tester can via one click submit a complete defect report to either email or a defect-tracking app.

Submitting a defect report using QA Wizard's Defect Scribe

Cleaning up and submitting a defect report using QA Wizard’s Defect Scribe

Defect Scribe increases teams’ productivity by removing their least valuable work,” said Jeff Amfahr, director of product management, Seapine Software. “QA folks want to spend their time finding issues, not writing defect reports. By automatically creating a step-by-step record of every action with Defect Scribe, anyone testing software can spend more time finding issues and less time on paperwork.”

You can learn more about Defect Scribe and request a free trial subscription to the service at