On the heels of announcing its European TFS 2012 hosting service, ASP.NET hosting provider DiscountASP.NET announced today the launch of Windows 2012 hosting in Europe, in DiscountASP.NET’s UK-based data center. The new hosting platform runs Windows Server 2012 and is compatible with Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio Express 2012, and WebMatrix 2.

Key features of the Windows 2012 platform include these:

  • Internet Information Services 8.0 (IIS 8)
  • ASP.NET 4.5
  • Entity Framework 5
  • Dynamic IP restriction
  • WebSockets
  • Node.js

Users of DiscountASP.NET’s Windows 2012 hosting can choose the hosting data center location as part of the ordering process. In addition, existing customers can use an automated migration tool in their control panel to move to the Windows 2012 hosting platform. See DiscountASP.NET’s website for more information.