Even though Apple commands market share for smartphones and tablets, the iPhone 5 only ranks fifth in device satisfaction in a study of US mobile smartphone users, behind four Android-powered devices, reports a study by On Device Research.

The study of 93,825 US mobile users reports that US mobile users’ top choices for user satisfaction are:

  1. Motorola Atrix HD
  2. Motorola Droid Razr M
  3. HTC Rezound 4G
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  5. Apple iPhone 5
2013 US Smartphone Device Satisfaction Top 5 Devices - On Device Research

US Smartphone Device Satisfaction Top 5 Devices – On Device Research, 11 February 2013

Notably, study results indicate that US mobile users reported a higher satisfaction with the Motorola Atrix device (8.57) — an Android device at a much lower price point — than did users of the Apple iPhone 5 (8.23). Additionally, the survey reports that the top five devices for satisfaction in the US are 4G-capable devices, and users with a 4G subscription reported a higher device satisfaction (7.76) than those with no 4G subscription (7.28).

Device satisfaction has an impact on network operator satisfaction, which also showed a positive increase (+0.48) among 4G subscribers. 4G users also have a higher monthly mobile bill. “The 4G impact on device and consequently network operator satisfaction is really interesting,” said On Device Research’s Marketing Manager Sarah Quinn. “It’s also a great opportunity for operators, with 4G uptake having a positive impact on not only satisfaction, but also revenue and loyalty.”

The US user satisfaction results contrast with those in On Device Research’s survey of mobile-device users in the UK. In the study of 52,140 UK mobile users, only the HTC One X scored higher (8.47) than Apple’s iPhone 5 (8.21). On Device Research posits a possible explanation for the higher satisfaction ranking for iPhone 5 in the UK: There is only one 4G network operator, EE, which means that the iPhone 5 is under less pressure from competitor devices.