Devart, a provider of database and data-access tools for developers and DBAs, has released dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.6.0 Beta, which is available on Devart’s dbForge Studio for MySQL download page. The Version 6 beta includes a number of usability improvements, many of them geared toward developers working with MySQL database applications.

Here are some of the new features in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.6.0 Beta:

  • Database refactoring: lets you rename database objects with less hassle. The application generates an update script, which you execute to update links to the renamed object in the entire database.
  • Query builder improvements
  • Code completion ease-of-use improvements
  • A new Code Snippets Manager (formerly Code Templates) that allows adding new snippets and editing existing ones
  • New data-comparison-tool features
  • Support for Windows authentication when creating a connection to a MySQL server

You can find a complete list of new features in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.6.0 Beta here, as well as a link for beta users to provide feedback on the product to Devart.