Following Microsoft’s announcement on January 30 of support for the Git distributed version control system in Microsoft Visual Studio/Team Foundation Service, Microsoft has announced the release of the latest update to the Visual Studio Tools for Git extension. In his blog, Brian Harry — Product Unit Manager of Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) team — said that the update includes three key fixes:

  • It adds support for Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop
  • It fixes a bug that broke ReSharper (the widely used Visual Studio productivity tool).
  • It fixes a problem detecting global config files.

Harry said the development team will post regular updates to the Git tooling for Visual Studio.

In other Visual Studio news, Microsoft announced the availability of the next Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Visual Studio — CTP for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS 2012.2) — and TFS Update 2. See the Visual Studio ALM and Team Foundation Server Blog for details of the update; you can download the CTP (current version is CTP3) here.