Adobe Systems announced several product updates available exclusively to members of the Adobe Creative Cloud service for web developers and web designers. The announcements include feature updates to several web development tools — Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Edge Code preview — as well as the first public preview of Adobe Edge Reflow, a responsive web design tool for creating layout and visual designs with CSS.

Adobe Edge Reflow features an intuitive resizable design surface that shows how layouts and visuals will adapt to different screen sizes. Using CSS, Edge Reflow lets users create high-fidelity web designs on an app’s native web surface. Users can preview designs in the browser and extract the CSS for use in Edge Code, Dreamweaver, or another editor. Adobe wants users’ input on the preview; users can submit their feedback at

Additionally, Adobe updated Adobe Edge Animate, adding new CSS-based features, including gradients, CSS filters, and enhanced font support. The enhancements allow users to style and animate elements using radial or linear gradients, preview Edge Web Fonts live in a new interface, and leverage CSS filtering capabilities found in modern WebKit browsers (blur, greyscale, sepia, brightness, and others).

The update to Adobe Dreamweaver improves interoperability with the Adobe Edge Tools & Services family and includes new features to enhance code authoring ability and workflow, such as an improved fluid grid layout feature. Capping off the updates, the preview release of Adobe Edge Code includes Live Development, which lets users see changes in the browser immediately as they make code edits, and Quick Edit, which lets users edit code in context instead of switching between files.