Technology startup Oort Corp announced that it is offering a preview version of Zudio, a new HTML- and JavaScript-based web app for administering Windows Azure Storage accounts. Zudio’s creator Mark Rendle said that Zudio will let Windows Azure Storage users maintain data in Azure Blob Storage, Tables, and Queues from any PC or tablet running a standards-compliant web browser.

Azure Storage users can request a Zudio preview access code by following @oortio on Twitter and requesting preview access in a tweet with the #zudio hashtag.

In a Zudio Blog post, Rendle said that Zudio’s functionality will include:

  • Viewing and editing blob meta-data
  • Searching on Tables using $filter syntax
  • Searching blob storage
  • Uploading complex folder structures to blob storage as Zip archives
  • Cut, copy, and paste on Blobs and Table entities, including between storage accounts and data centers.